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I have never written a movie review because I’ve never felt so uncomfortable watching it. I am talking about “Gone Girl”, the movie who got 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie all my friends were talking about, the movie that made my male friends say they are “afraid of females now” (boohoo). So of course I was very curious but turned out the whole movie is just a big fat disappointment. 

I must say I haven’t read the book and the fact that it was written by a woman gave me hope, I really expected some good feministic stuff, but guess what? No. The idea is pretty good: a lady gets tired of the unstoppable flow of bullshit from her cheating husband and decides to punish him for treating her badly. Isn’t it what we all want when we get brokenhearted? I’d personally smash few pairs of balls of my ex bfs, but this is not the point.

The point is that this lady becomes a real crazy bitch in the movie. Yes, she is presented like a very smart woman, outstandingly smart, but somehow the director turns her smartness into some feature of a sociopathic behavior. She stops being a really sympathetic character girls can relate to the second we learn she made up all the stuff about the abusive behavior of her husband.

A thriller about a missing person turns into a comedy and it gets uncomfortable when you hear all sorts of jokes about the abuse and woman’s place in the marriage. Suddenly male characters start playing the victims of evil lying bitches who used them and then made them look like abusers. The idea of bad wives who deserve punishment for what they’ve done becomes so visible in the end of the movie when the main male character pushes his wife so hard that her head hits the wall and the audience thinks that she deserved it because she made false accusations towards him. I am not even going to talk about the “i got pregnant, now i’m much more sympathetic as a future mother’ card that the writers play there.

I just want to remind everyone the millions of females experience abuse in marriage. Thousands of them can’t leave their husbands because they are scared for their lives, hundreds of them die because of the actions of the abusers. It’s not some fucking joke you can put into a script, it’s not some “bang-bang the evil witch is dead” type of shit, it’s the reality. These women don’t have money and don’t know where to go because their former loved ones isolated them from the society, they don’t have willpower to stand against the abusers because those pieces of shit took it all from them. The ones who survive and leave such relationships are goddesses and I worship them.

This movie is so misogynistic that it’s incredible how it made it to the big screen. Also let’s mention the “whitewashing” because 99% of characters are fucking white, pale as my ass. It shouldn’t be even legal to make such films and yet most of people who have watched it praise it like it’s the new version of a Bible. It’s the 21st century, hello, women owe you nothing, we are fighting for equality here, POC exist and are not your little servants, why should we bear with someone putting his misogynistic racist shit on the big screen and expecting everyone to love it? I am not buying it.

There will always be guys who want to use you. There will always be guys who say you’re beautiful but the only thing they want is to have sex with you. There will always be these little tyrants who try to manipulate your self-esteem and “gaslight” you to assert themselves. There will always be those who text you because they are lonely and bored, and deep inside you know they don’t want you, they just want to please their ego. 

But you are the only person you have to please your entire life. Your ego and your self-esteem are the only things you have to care about. If you notice someone treating you badly - run. That’s it, just run. You may be hurt from running, your heart may tell you that it’s a bad decision and that people change and that you can try harder and win someone back, but let’s be honest, you don’t need toxic hearts. You need yours to be safe.

Carry it in your chest like it’s the dearest treasure in the whole universe.

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